Student Complaint Process

Emerson College attempts to resolve student complaints within its academic and administrative departments. Students who wish to have classroom related course concerns addressed are expected to follow the Informal Grievance Process:

  1. The student should schedule an appointment with the course instructor to discuss the concern or grievance.
  2. If this does not resolve the situation, the Graduate Program Director should be consulted.
  3. If this does not result in a satisfactory resolution, the student may appeal to the department chair in which the issue occurred.
  4. If a satisfactory resolution is not achieved, the student may confer with the Dean of the School of Communication. The School Dean determines if there has been an error in the grading process or if some other valid dispute exists.

If other issues are involved, the concern may be brought to the Graduate Grievance Committee through a Formal Process within 10 days after the informal process concluded.


Emerson College operates under the approval of “NC-SARA”, National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements. As required by the NC-SARA student complaint process, a student must first attempt to resolve their complaint at the institution level. For complaints not resolved within the institutional, a student may file an appeal in one of the following ways (dependent on their state residence):

Massachusetts Residents’ (Online or On-the-Ground) Student Complaint Procedure
For Massachusetts resident’s complaints not resolved at the institutional level, can be filed utilizing the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education’s (DHE) non-SARA consumer complaint procedure and online form. Contact information to the DHE and link to the online form may be found below:

Massachusetts Board of Higher Education
One Ashburton Place
Room 1401
Boston, MA 02108

Non-Massachusetts Residents’ (Online) Student Complaint Procedure (for out-of-state students from SARA member states not residing in Massachusetts)
For non-Massachusetts residents located in SARA member states with complaints not resolved at the institutional level, they may file a SARA complaint utilizing the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education’s SARA Complaint Procedure and Online Form.

Non-SARA Member State Student Complaints Procedure

For residents not located in a SARA member state with complaints not resolved at the institutional level, you may contact the appropriate authority in your state of residence. Contact information can be found in the list of state agencies below.


In writing:
Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education
PO Box 980818
W. Sacramento, CA 95798-0818

By phone: 888.370.7589 or 916.431.6959

On the Internet: Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education